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Late for School (Dog TF)
    A picturesque morning, silent and cool. It was on such a morning that Alexis' life changed forever. The young high schooler, normally the perfect student, nearly a teacher's pet even, had recently begun wavering. The silence was shattered by the intense, blaring alarm, cut short by a groggy hand slamming down on the digital clock. Alexis shifted under her blankets and eventually slid from beneath them to touch her bare feet to the cold hardwood floor. Alexis recoiled in shock, proclaiming the distasteful frigidity of the flooring to no one in particular. She let out a sigh, having dreaded the start of the new school year since the last one ended. She exaggerated a shiver as she slunk over to her closet, looking for her uniform. She slowly pulled on the freshly ironed garment, examining her skirt closely to make sure it wasn't too short. Sitting in front of her mirror, she started to brush her shoulder length hair, throwing on some half assed makeup before taking a deep br
:iconferalartists:FeralArtists 10 5
Mature content
Kennel Club :iconlexam-the-gem-fox:Lexam-The-Gem-Fox 52 6
Cat TF (1st person pov)
(human to cat tf)
"OW!" I yelled, shooing the cat away.
"What's the matter?" Kate asked
"Your stupid cat bit me." I say, looking down at my hand. It hurt worse then it was, but there was a tiny drop of blood.
"Sorry 'bout that. Whiskers can be grumpy. Let me get you a bandaid" Kate said as she ran off to find a bandage.
"Now you tell me" I yelled. My hand still hurt. "Darn no good cat" I muttered. All of the sudden I heard a hiss behind me which made me jump. I turned around to see whiskers staring at me. "Screw off you no good lousy cat!" I scolded. The cat watched me closely as it walked away.
"Here," Kate said when she entered the room. I held out my hand and she applied the bandage. Luckily the bleeding had stopped, but the band-aid was a precaution. "I'm really sorry about that," Kate told me.
"Kate, Kate it's alright. I've always been more of a dog person anyway" I said scratching the back of my hand. It was really itchy. "I think i'm having an allergic reaction, I should go home
:iconcomputer-faced:Computer-Faced 18 0
Mature content
Collared Curiosity :iconlexam-the-gem-fox:Lexam-The-Gem-Fox 128 10
My Twin Brother The Genius by The-shadow-demon My Twin Brother The Genius :iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 25 12
Foxy doesn't mean fox
(girl into fox)
Sharon was on her Saturday night out to the club all by herself. It was not like she didn't had any friends to go with, but her friends would probably stand in her way on her quest to find a boyfriend. "I hope I can find someone today it feels like an day like no other." Thought Sharon as she sat at the bar looking at the dancefloor judging the guys. "To fat, no muscles, he looks like if he thinks that he is though." Sharon thought as she looked at some of the boys. "Why is it so hard to find some good looking boys I have been trying it for months now" Said Sharon annoyed. "Aren't I foxy enough?" She said a bit too loud. 
Suddenly she could hear someone giggle next to her, Sharon looked in the direction where the laugh came from and she saw a short pale girl who looked like is she was 16 her eyes were a very light blue almost silver looking and her hair was a mixture of black with light blue dye. She wore a short length black dress with frills at the bottom, undern
:iconsalo14:salo14 21 6
The Curse of Cat's Grace
Early one morning, Jasmine was looking out her window high above the city. She had nothing important to do until later that afternoon and, knowing she was alone, decided she wanted to escape the castle for a short time to explore the markets of the city below. After putting on a thick robe to disguise herself from begin recognized, the princess used a rope she kept in hidden to repel down the back of the castle, safely entering the busy city.
Jasmine explored the various stalls and small shops setup in the market, eagerly perusing their wares. After awhile, she noticed a short alleyway with a candlelit shop at the end of it. She ducked out of the crowd to see what this shop had to offer. The owner inside was similarly robed, and was wearing a veil over her face. Though the shop was moderately dark, Jasmine could make out a variety of pottery and artifacts lining the walls of the shop. One of the artifacts caught her eye though--a choker with a small gold bell on it. She picked it up an
:iconjessica50:Jessica50 43 1
Clara the Curious Cat
The house on the far end of the forest was one that Clara had never seen before. Sure, she’d heard about it from others, but not once had she seen it. However, though she’d never seen the house, she knew who lived there; a young man who she’d occasionally seen in town. She’d never spoken to him or learned his name…but today she was going to greet him and welcome him to town. He’d only just moved in, right? She wanted to be neighborly. So here she stood, outside of the strangers house. It was tall, rustic, and old fashioned. It looked like the home of some old fashioned individual, but the stranger couldn’t have been any older than 25. It was rather breath taking. With a deep inhale, she made her way to the front door and knocked.
“Hello? Is anyone there? My name is Clara a-oh….” Clara stopped as she watched the door swing open. It had barely been closed in the first place! The inside of the house was dark, and there was a long
:icongabrielraven:GabrielRaven 38 20
Girl To Dog TF
My sister always wanted a dog, but our parents wouldn't let us have them.
It wasn't fair! Dad said he had a dog when he was a kid. Why not us?
I wanted a dog too. And everyday when I walked home from school, I always pass by the pet shop.
There were the little puppies, just yipping away at me, jumping on the window and wagging there little tails. It was almost as if there were telling me to take them!
But I knew I couldn't. So, I'd always walk off disappointed. Except today.
When I was walking home, and taking my daily visit at the shop, the store owner stepped out the store, and waved at me.
"Hello! May I help you?" He said in a friendly voice.
I was a bit shy, and didn't expect him to come out.
"Oh..u-uh..I'm just looking at the puppies." I say, nodding.
He chuckles and approuches me. "Ah yes. Adorable, aren't they?" He says. As I nod in agreement.
He looks at me. "You..can't get them, right? Parent issues?"
I look at him with surprise. " did you..?"
He chuckles again. "many
:iconbrentparkforever10:BrentparkForever10 40 4
Mature content
Lily Cat transformation :iconbeastie101:beastie101 84 0
Cat Crazy 1
Cat Crazy 1
“Candy, meet Lenny.  Lenny, my girlfriend Candy.”
The woman so introduced looked momentarily puzzled, then smiled and crouched down to hold her hand out to the cat.  “Hello Lenny, pleased to meet you.”
The large black and white tomcat prowled closer to the auburn-haired woman his associate had brought into the small apartment.  He sniffed at her fingers, then purred approvingly.  Then he meowed plaintively and trotted over to his food bowl.
“Oh, George, haven’t you fed him?”
“Of course I have,” George grumbled, but at a look from his date he dug out another tin of tuna and opened it.  Lenny meowed approvingly, and wound his way between Candy’s legs as he waited for his repast.
Soon George and Candy were sitting on the apartment’s one couch, with a bottle of wine and two glasses in front of them.  Before George had finished pouring, Lenny hopped into Candy’s lap and proceede
:icondkfenger:dkfenger 50 23
The Accidental Dog (TransFun)
(Woman to Dog)
Day 0
Ohmigod.  Um, well.  First off, hi.  I’m Trina, and this is Trina’s Transformations.  Sorry that this is a little...  odd, but I’m a little off right now.  You see, a little bit ago, I drank something I shouldn’t have.  It’s one of my mom’s TransFun vials.  I wanted to experiment a little.  You know, fresh out of high school...  But I didn’t know this was an ‘ExChange’—or ‘Extended Change’.
Yeah, it’s expensive, and TransFun’s already said they’ll ship my mother a new sample.  But that’s on the condition that I write this little blog.  So... Here I am.  Um, I’m a blonde eighteen-year old, about as Aryan as you’d expect.  I have nice breasts—that’s a little tidbit for you fetishists out there.  Yeah, I know you’re out there, it’s cool—I’ll probably ge
:iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 186 72
My Brother The Genius 3 by The-shadow-demon
Mature content
My Brother The Genius 3 :iconthe-shadow-demon:The-shadow-demon 95 40
Mature content
The Magical Board Game :iconsexyanimal99:sexyanimal99 180 19
Mature content
Dogsitting (Crown Royale) :iconsketchyseraph:SketchySeraph 116 10




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